During Lockdown, I thought it was an ideal time to improve my wirework skills, to try something I hadn’t done before.

I decided to use the book ‘Wirework: An illustrated Guide to the art of wire wrapping’ by Dale “Cougar” Smith. This is a book that looks on how to use square wire to create beautiful jewellery. Only one small problem, I don’t have any square wire. That did not stop me from trying.

My first attempt at the Free Form Orbit ring was bad. It was a completely new way of making rings for me. I did learn an awful lot about the new technique though, and what not to do. The idea is that the bead is on a separate piece of wire to the ring shank.

I decided to have another go, this time adding my own twist and style to the technique. I was quite pleased with how the second attempt turned out. I think this techniques strength is that you can use gemstones with smaller holes for rings that you would previously have discounted.

It goes to show that there is always something new to learn, and that even professionals like me, never do things perfect the first time that they try something. The key is to keep practicing until you are happy with the final result.