During Lockdown I thought that I would also improve my wirework skills. I haven’t concentrated on them for a while, so it was time to learn something new.

I went through all my wirework books and chose a few projects that looked fun to learn. I recommend doing this from time to time, no matter how advanced you think you are. The first project I attempted was from ‘Bead and Wire Fashion Jewellery’ by Jessica Rose. A material covered bangle.

I chose this project, as though it was simple, it was something I had never tried before.

It did take a while to get the hang of attaching the wax cord to the wire bangle that I had created.

The red bangle is based upon the one in the book, but using what materials I had to hand.

I then decided to have another go, but this time to put my own spin on this interesting technique. The style of the grey bangle is more me. The only problem is that it takes a long time to glue the cord.

This was a worthwhile exercise. I now can make a simple wire bangle and know that wrapping wire with cord is possible. I suspect this technique will appear later on in my wirework.

I am going to keep the grey bangle for myself. The red was a useful experiment.