Musings on jewellery making and crafting.


Jewellery Maker, Card Maker and Geek

Jewellery Maker

I love creating jewellery, and am always learning new techniques. I believe that the design comes first, and then what techniques are needed to create it.

I have been creating jewellery since my honeymoon, where I took my first class in it with my husband. He thought it was a good way to spend some time, whereas it began a new hobby for me. I got really into it when I was made redundant in May 2011, and since then my skills have improved, and so has my love for the craft.

I am lucky enough to freelance work for Create and Craft TV. I write tutorials for them on jewellery making and have also been known to create other craft items for them.

I have been published in Bead and Jewellery Magazine, Beads & Beyond Magazine, Shine Online, Bead Me online magazine and Craft Club.

My previous jewellery making blog is here.

Card Maker

I started card making in 2018 following a screen test for Create and Craft TV for my jewellery making. After seeing all those talented crafters making cards, I just knew I wanted to have a go.

So this blog will be about my experiments, triumphs and even failures in my card making journey.

My previous card making blog is here.


You may notice quite a few none crafting posts in my angela_ook Instagram posts. Usually, of a geeky nature, you have been warned.