Recently I’ve been playing a lot of board games with my husband. We have even attended a few charity days of board gaming that were a lot of fun. My hubby pointed out that it was a shame that the miniatures weren’t painted in one of our favourite games ‘Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth’

So I went into research mode, I haven’t painted anything like that since I was a child with Heroquest figures. I found a really good YouTube series called Sorastro’s The Lord of the Rings Painting Series. I cannot praise these videos enough, they are the perfect level for absolute beginners, like me. He doesn’t expect you to know anything at all about painting.

I learnt about base painting, dry brushing, washes, and detailing. I suspect that a lot of these skills will be able to be applied to my other crafts in future.

I had planned to continue with my Altenew course, now that I have a blog again. Fate intervened, I got a few orders for paracord bracelets in my Etsy shop. I like these colour combinations, and it enabled better photographs to be taken of the bracelets. It’s always fun creating these bracelets.

Finally, I was commissioned by Create and Craft to create a moon dreamcatcher for their Instagram page.

So this week I plan to do some work on the Altenew course, and some jewellery making.