I’m continuing to improve my wirework skills by going outside my comfort zone. I’ve been slowly working my way through ‘Wirework: An illustrated guide to the art of wire wrapping’ by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong. This is a really interesting book and introduces lots of new techniques.

I decided to try the next ring tutorial. I did not have square wire or the size of beads in the book for my attempts. I’m not totally convinced that my first attempt is that like the one in the book for that reason.

I found I did a more organic look, that really matched the green pearl that I used. The idea of adding the bead after you have made the ring has many possibilities.

Whenever I follow a tutorial, I always try to do it again but with my own spin on it. This time I added a pyramid weave around the ring base to keep the wires together. It was also a lot neater as I was more confident in what I was creating.

There’s always room to learn more about wirework. I do enjoy the process of improving my skills. This book does make me think laterally about how to use the items that I have in my jewellery making hoard. (I would say stash, but that seems dishonest.) I think I will continue to work my way through this book, even though I don’t have square wire.