I decided to continue learning new techniques with polymer clay. Marbling looks confusing but is actually quite straight forward. I thought I would use my scrap clay to practise with, hence the unusual colour choices. My go-to clay is Sculpey Premo, but I suspect this technique will work with any polymer clay.

First, you need to make lots of little snakes of your clay. Then make a big snake with them all and twist it. Cut it nearly in half and flatten it out.

Then put it through the clay roller a few times to create a flat piece of clay. Note that the way you twisted the clay affects how the pattern comes out at this point. There are various ways to twist the clay, and its worth experimenting to find different designs.

Then use a wide pokey type tool, maybe a knitting needle or a crochet hook. I have a specific polymer clay one. Draw lines down the clay with this tool. Then put it through the clay roller again, but reduce the thickness of the clay. This way the lines that you have just made will disappear.

Then you can cut out whatever shapes you want for whatever project you would like to create. I decided to create 2 bookmarks.

Bake in the oven, making sure to follow the instructions on the packet of clay. Sculpey Premo states to cook under 130 C.

I still had scrap clay left from this project, so decided to make more bookmarks. But I made a huge mistake. I did not bake this lot of bookmarks for long enough. After they had cooled down, they were so brittle. I mean, like the slightest pressure would cause them to snap. Shame really as I liked the blend of colours. However, lesson learnt, always pay attention when setting cooking times for polymer clay.