Last month I was very lucky to get the opportunity to attend 2 of the Sizzix online workshops.

Workshop 1

The first was ran by Pete Hughes, and highlighted how to use the upcoming range of Sizzix Effectz Creamy Acrylic Paints. For this workshop I received 2 of the sample paints, and all the card bits needed to create 4 cards.

Pete Hughes is a good teacher and I learnt a lot about how to use acrylic paint in new ways. I had never thought to use them with an ink blending sponge before. The pink and the orange paints went really well together. I can honestly say that I had never thought of using those 2 colours together before this workshop.

Below are the cards I created in the workshop. Please note, they are Pete Hughes designs, not mine.

Workshop 2

The second workshop was run by Josh Griffiths. This one featured how to use the new Sizzix Effectz Luster Wax. For the workshop I received samples of the Rose Gold Luster Wax, the Silver Luster Wax, die cuts, 2 mini distress ink pads and card.

The Luster wax smells nice and is surprisingly easy to use. I particularly liked how the rose gold looked on the card. That is not to say the silver is not effective, just that I have a favourite. The technique behind using the luster wax is all about layering up the wax until you achieve the effect that you want.

Josh Griffiths really went into a lot of useful detail about the many uses of the wax. A different style of teaching but just as useful and informative as the first workshop. The cards I made in this workshop were more involved, and took longer to create.

Below are the 2 cards I created in the workshop. Please note the designs are by Josh Griffiths, not me.

Both of the online workshops taught me a lot, and were well worth attending. I have even bought some Sizzix sentiment stamps because of them, and some Tim Holtz dies are now on my wish list. I think I will be playing with paint and luster wax a lot from now on.